Coaches & Teams


“I love how Paul Maurice

coaches his team! 


They do all the learning off the ice

and then they go out on the ice

with a main focus on

pace and skills”  


-Pierre McGuire on how the coach for Winnipeg Jets coaches his team.


  1. Teaching the coaches.

This program is not only for the players, it also helps coaches gain a great understanding of the game.

2. Increase Retention level.

How much do the kids actually retain when we just “talk” to them?

Ask players questions of what to do instead of just telling them. If a player needs a “refresher” on a subject, point to the chapter material and videos and have him/her explain to YOU how to solve a situation. Help them start thinking like a coach!

3. Help Coaches Teach.

No matter what level a coach played at, we all face challenges when trying to teach our players. What we as coaches think are obvious, might not be for the players!

When going through the Hockey IQ Program together, coaches and players will “Speak the same language” and The Lessons can serve as a reference throughout the season.

4. What2Do’s.

For teams that subscribe to the Hockey IQ Program, we will share What2Do-videos.  These help coaches understand if the players truly understands a Concept and how to problem solve an on-ice situation.

The Hockey IQ Program does NOT teach systems!

The Blue Line Hockey IQ Program teaches Game Understanding and the “little things” that all players need to know in order to play whatever system a coach implements.

Don’t go through another season of creating “practice players” that look great going around a cone.

Let the Blue Line Hockey IQ Program help you add a purpose to your drills and create deliberate practices to raise your players’ Hockey IQ!

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schedule  a time for an overview of
how you can incorporate
The Hockey IQ Program with your team(s)!

Added benefits for TEAMS:
    • Season Overview
    • Weekly curriculum to share with players
    • Weekly drill suggestions for Hands-On experience.

practice doesn’t make perfect…

but deliberate practice does!!!