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Who benefits from

the hockey iq program?



Gain a great Game Understanding from a former player who has collected 30+ years of hockey experience from both sides of the Atlantic and developed this program to help you speed up your learning curve and gain an edge over the competition!  

These 60 lessons summarize the game and thought process via Mental Models that will help you have a clear picture of what to strive for, show you visual examples how to execute in order to problem solve any on-ice situations quicker!


Offer players a blueprint to Game Understanding through weekly online lessons to complete away from the rink.  This program allows you to do Less Coaching and spend more time on Skills!

You will also be sent a curriculum to follow with your players that include “Best practices” for learning along with drills & small area games so they can gain hands-on experience.


Learn this great game together with your player.  Armed with a great game understanding you will be able to ask the right questions and help your player find solutions to situations that happened on the ice.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from parents is the lack of feedback from coaches…with the SELF-Evaluation sheets, you and your player can together find out what their strengths and weaknesses are.


59 Lessons

These 59 lesson cover Main Objectives, Concepts, Tips & Tactics for players to be able to solve any on-ice situation coming at them.

Estimated time requirement for each lesson is 15-20 minutes.

200+ Videos

There are many types of ways to learn, but most of us are visual learners and that is why we wanted to include as many visual examples as possible to get our point across.

Become Your Own Coach!

With the knowledge from this Hockey IQ Program, you will have a great game understanding.  Throughout the program, you will be given SELF-EVALUATION SHEETS that will guide you to what actions were Good Hockey Plays and what you need to work on.

Learn Better & Remember Longer

We have incorporated Theoretical & Practical Exercises for the players to complete after each lesson along with the Narrated Videos to help both visual and auditory learners learn better & remember longer!

3 Learning- & Payment Options

We offer 3 Options to this Hockey IQ Program based on the Player’s:

1) Age,

2) Time Commitment and

3) Self Drive.

Learn Away From The Ice

Learn Theoretically away from the ice.  Then use your ice time to practice making Reads and problem solving situations.


Option 1


14 Monthly Payments
  • Recommended to any Players, Coaches and/or Parents who wants to Raise Their Hockey IQ!
  • 59 weekly lessons
  • Est. Time Requirement: 15-20 Minutes/Week
  • 14 monthly payments of $29.99+Tax.
  • Life Time Access
  • Great option for younger players (Ages 10-13).
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Option 2


7 Monthly Payments
  • Recommended to any Players, Coaches and/or Parents who wants to Raise Their Hockey IQ!
  • 2 lessons per week
  • Est. Time Requirement: 30-40 Minutes/Week
  • 7 Monthly Payments of $54.99+Tax.
  • Life time access
  • Length of program is similar to the length of a season and makes for a great TEAM OPTION!
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Option 3


3 Monthly Payments
  • Recommended to Players (>14), Coaches & Parents who wants to Raise Their Hockey IQ!
  • 5 lessons per week
  • Est. Time Requirement: 75-100 Minutes/Week
  • 3 Monthly Payments of $99.99+Tax.
  • Life time access
  • Length of program is ~3 months and makes for a great Off-Season Training Option or for older players looking to Speed Up their Learning Curve! 
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