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Option #1

Recommended for U15 AAA Players & Older.

Complete Program of 59 Lessons.

Covers Main Objectives, Concepts, Tips & Tactics along with hundreds of videos showing examples how to problem solve specific situations.

Built to help players solve any on-ice situation coming at them.


Option #2

Recommended for Teams & Younger Players

26 Weekly Lessons.

Video Summaries of the first 26 lessons from Option #1.

Great for Teams & Younger Players to gain a great Game Understanding of what to prioritize when playing.

200+ Videos

There are many types of ways to learn, but most of us are visual learners and that is why we wanted to include as many visual examples as possible to get our point across.

Become Your Own Coach!

With the knowledge from this Hockey IQ Program, you will have a great game understanding.  Throughout the program, you will be given SELF-EVALUATION SHEETS that will guide you to what actions were Good Hockey Plays and what you need to work on.

Learn Better & Remember Longer

We have incorporated Theoretical & Practical Exercises for the players to complete after each lesson along with the Narrated Videos to help both visual and auditory learners learn better & remember longer!

Learn Away From The Ice

Learn Theoretically away from the ice.  Then use your ice time to practice making Reads and problem solving situations.


59 Lesson Course


8 Monthly Payments

Team Discounts Available

  • Recommended to U15 & Older AAA Players.
  • 30 Week Program
  • 2 Lessons/Week for a Total of Lessons
  • Est. Time Requirement: 30-40 Minutes/Week
  • 8 Monthly Payments of $49.99+Tax.
  • Life time access
  • Length of program is similar to the length of a season and makes for a great TEAM OPTION!
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26 Lesson Course


6 Monthly Payments

Team Discounts Available

  • Recommended for TEAMS & Individual Players U10-U16.
  • 26 Weekly Lessons
  • Covers 26 of 59 Lessons.
  • Est. Time Requirement: 20-30 Minutes/Week
  • 6 Monthly Payments of $30+Tax.
  • Life time access
  • Great Options for Teams that want to have weekly Concepts/Themes to work on in practice.
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